Unleash the Future: Building AI Systems, Your Way

Effortlessly integrate cutting-edge AI features into your projects or business through an intuitive interface. Only imagination limits your possibilities.

Solve Any Challenge With Systems Tailored For Every Case

Unlock endless potentials to leverage the capabilities of AI with Mosaic, a visual environment that allows you to structure, test, and launch custom AI systems with no coding experience required. Mosaic enables you to put the power of AI to work for you in all kinds of circumstances.

Chatbots and Assistants

Use any model you want in your own way. Automate administrative tasks, answer questions from your users, and have a personal digital helper built exactly to your needs.

Transcription and Translation

Connect your tools and harness the power of customizable AI to fit your needs

Content Generation

Develop blogs, create native advertising, write press releases, and draft captivating email responses with systems that understand exactly what message you want to deliver.

Gain Insights

Connect AI models to your databases, analyze progress on projects, and track key performance indicators so that you always know what’s happening in your organization.

Enhance Your Business Intelligence

Process data into pie charts, bar graphs, and actionable reports and analysis that can be delivered to key stakeholders on an automated schedule, or updated live for you to view whenever.

Move At Lightning Speed

Stream in real-time information from an API like stock market quotes, weather forecasts, and news headlines and develop a plan of action so that you’re never caught behind the curve again. to your needs.

Create and Modify Your Systems With An Easy To Understand Visual Environment

Think of Mosaic as a brain connecting the organs of AI models to wherever you need them to be. Choose from highly tested models like ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Prime Voice or integrate your own AI models into our platform, free yourself from the limitations of using a single model by connecting the outputs of one as the input to another.



Leverage Your Data Wherever it is

With a single click you can upload or stream in data from your files, website, or database and have it processed through an AI system designed to deliver the results you need.

Readily Accessible Solutions

Get started immediately by using our existing system offerings for popular applications, like chatbots and translation and transcription services. Need to tackle a complex challenge and unsure where to begin? Contact us and we can get to work on creating custom systems for you that fit your needs.

Systems That Learn About Themselves

With every execution your system is gaining experience that allows it to refine itself, simply ask your system to optimize itself for your use based off what it has learned and it will.

Experiment and Iterate Quickly

With just a few clicks you can easily try out new system architectures, make copies of existing systems, and try out new prompts for your models, ensuring no roadblocks in your quest towards success.

Share system architectures

Your systems are always stored as nodemaps and can be easily shared with other users and organizations, enabling you to collaborate and provide access to your systems efficiently.


Who can use Mosaic?


Mosaic has been created to be intuitive and easy to use for anyone. Enthusiasts, businesses, researchers, analysts, creatives, students, anyone who is currently using computers to do their work, learn, experiment and explore can benefit from using Mosaic to create custom AI systems that allow them to leverage extraordinary capabilities.

Can I use Mosaic to create systems for commercial use?


Yes, anything you build in our platform can be used for commercial applications. You can also easily share the nodemaps for systems you create within your organization, or with other users.

Where can I get help with building an advanced system for a specific use case?


We provide a wide range of tutorials and documentation, and we are also happy to help build your system for you. Contact us today with the goal you have in mind, and we can get started.

Do I need to know how to code to use Mosaic or install anything? What are the system requirements?


We provide a no-code interface available as a web client through your browser. You do not need to know how to code or have powerful hardware to use our platform, any device you can surf the web with you can use our platform to build AI systems with.

How do I get support?


All users can access community resources and ask support questions in our Discord. Additionally, 24/5 phone support is available for users on business plans.

Why use a middle layer, can’t I just use my favorite AI model by itself?


All AI models that exist have significant limitations on what you can do with them that are set by the hardware they run on. Progress in hardware happens slowly and on a linear scale, but you or your organization don’t have to wait for computer hardware to catch up with your vision for what you want to accomplish with AI. Using our platform, you can escape the boundaries and link together AI models that were built with one specific purpose into a robust system capable of accomplishing things you could previously only dream of. Don’t wait for what the future might bring, sign up today and experience it now.